The Process And Using Method Of VCI Bag

The VCI bag is a PE bag containing volatile anti corrosion agent which is processed according to the size of metal parts. It is divided into flat bag, self-sealing bag, zipper bag,bone chain bag,pentahedral bag,hexahedral bag,drawstring bag and other specifications,those are the most common application methods of the anti-corrosion film. It is easy to use, convenient to transport, and custom made. It is very popular among auto parts, casting, hardware, electronics and other industries.

When using gas phase anti-corrosion materials as metal rust prevention, the guiding idea of designing rust proof scheme is to provide a better "micro-environment" for  metal parts or products to be rust-proof parts. In this micro environment, gas phase the VCI bag has a sufficient concentration of vapor phase corrosion inhibitor to protect the metal, thereby improving the rust resistance of the metal material.

The operation process of the gas phase anti corrosion product is as follows:

Confirm → design → work pieces cleaning → packaging → place in VCI bag → sealing → storage and transportation

(1)Confirmation. First confirm that the VCI bag used is a qualified product.

(2)Design. According to the dosage requirements, calculate the amount of anti-rust materials, design packaging methods (such as direct use of film, or use flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, etc.), if the work piece size is larger or qty more, increase the anti-corrosion bag or Increase the partition and confirm the test for rust prevention.

(3)Work piece cleaning. The work pieces that need to be rust-proof packaged are cleaned and dried according to the prescribed cleaning process.

(4)Packaging. Small rolls of film and flat film can be packaged directly at the end of the line and then boxed. With flat VCI bags or cubic VCI bags, small work pieces can be packaged directly at the end of the working line and then boxed. The small work piece is packaged in the whole box, and the gas phase anti-rust bag is laid in the outer packaging box. After the work piece is off the line, then neatly placed in the gas phase anti-corrosion bag.

(5)Placed in a vapor rustproof bag. According to the design requirements, put a sufficient amount of volatile anti-rust material in the appropriate position inside the package, such as adding VCI film partition in the middle of the part, placing a gas phase anti-corrosion box, a gas phase anti-corrosion powder package, and so on.

(6)Sealing. After the work piece is placed, the gas phase corrosion preventive bag (cover) should be sealed in time.

(7)Storage and transportation. Do not open the package as much as possible during storage. If it is really necessary to open it, it should be sealed in time and properly supplemented with gas phase corrosion preventive material.

Pay attention to the operation: the worker should wear gloves and keep the gloves clean.Sufficient gas phase rust preventive materials should be placed when packing.Unused VCI products must be sealed and stored in a dry environment. 

TIME : 2019-09-17
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