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Welcome to Qingdao TaMuWo Anti-rust Material Co.,Ltd.



The TMW company has a complete system of independent development, scale manufacturing and standard services. Production and sales of various anti-corrosion products, mainly based on VCI anti-rust products.


After the strong alliance, TMW and the universities have re-established an advanced R&D technology platform. It has a technical research and development team with complete professional categories and reasonable hierarchical structure.


It has formed a multi-level, inter-connected technology development system that not only establishes technical reserves for long-term development, but also adapts to current market demands.


Based on the principle of protecting the environment and people-oriented, we continuously develop environmentally friendly products, and have international certifications such as BFSV and SGS, as well as domestic testing and certification of the Institute of Corrosion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Qingdao TaMuWo Anti-rust Material Co., Ltd. will work hand in hand with our customers, not forgetting the initial heart, keeping in mind the mission, and contributing to the establishment of an environmentally friendly and economical society.