During the maritime transportation process, it is a stage of high corrosion. If there is no comprehensive response to protection measures, rust is inevitable. During the ocean transportation process, although the equipment is installed in the container, the sea is very humid when sailing. If it encounters rainy weather, the humidity will be even greater.

In addition, there is another rust factor in the moisture of the sea - salt. Once the salt in the sea fog adheres to the metal surface, it can form a primary battery and accelerate the progress of the corrosion.

In addition, the temperature difference between day and night on the sea surface easily forms condensed water on the metal surface. The moisture in the package is concentrated on the surface of the device, which further deteriorates the corrosion.

Therefore, all-round and efficient anti-corrosion protection is very necessary. Qingdao TaMuWo Anti-rust Material Co., Ltd. has targeted packaging solutions for the specific meteorological conditions of ocean transportation, and flexibly uses various gas phase anti-corrosion products to protect your products.

The following products are recommended: 

Anti-rust oil - evenly applied to the surface of the equipment to isolate water and oxygen. Used for the surface of equipment that does not restrict the use of oil.

VCI desiccant - using mineral materials, high moisture absorption rate, safety and environmental protection, more added gasification anti-corrosion components, moisture absorption and rust prevention, dual effects, better protection.

VCI powder - Evenly placed in the VCI film, the VCI powder package, the anti corrosion particles adhere to the metal surface more uniformly and quickly, especially in the fine gap that the ordinary anti-rust method cannot reach. Effectively assists the  VCI film to prevent corrosion. Even if condensed water is produced in the package, the rust-preventing particles will dissolve in the water, which also acts as a rust preventive.

VCI box - motor cabinet and distribution box for marine power equipment. Effectively slows down corrosion and extends equipment life and maintenance intervals.

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*The illustration shows that the ocean freighter is loaded with construction steel wrapped with VCI film.




TIME : 2019-09-30