Automobile Industry

Qingdao TaMuWo Anti-rust Material Co., Ltd. has rich experience in providing vaporized rust-proof packaging of KD parts directly or indirectly for major automobile brands.

Our company's gasification anti-corrosion products have passed the European Rohs certification, Germany BFVS anti corrosion performance test, metal corrosion and protection neutral salt spray detection of the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Swiss SGS anti-rust performance testing certification.

Our company not only provides packaging materials, but also provides packaging instructions. According to the specific requirements and actual conditions of different customers, we provide targeted anti-corrosion services.

Products that can be used in automotive KD packaging :

Packaging products: VCI film, VCI bag, VCI stretch film, VCI paper

Liquid type: VCI liquid, gasification anti-corrosion oil

Auxiliary rust inhibitors: VCI anti rust powder and rust preventive desiccant


TIME : 2019-09-30
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