Qingdao TaMuWo Anti-rust Material Co., Ltd. products are widely used in metallurgy industry for rust and rust removal operations. Metallurgical products are prone to rust during transportation and storage. Properly packaged with vaporized anti-corrosion products can avoid rust.

The customer eliminates the process of degreasing and cleaning, which is more cost effective.

Advantages of VCI anti-corrosion products:

1. Easy to operate, no need to apply anti corrosion oil, clean and hygienic.

2. The anti-corrosion effect is good. When the package is opened for use, it is not necessary to clean and remove the oil, and directly enter the next process. Reduce cleaning hours and costs.

3. The VCI film is transparent and tough, not easy to be punctured, waterproof, dust proof, and convenient to observe the contents. Increases the anti-rust effect compared to ordinary plastic film.

4. Within the validity period, after opening the package and sealing again, it will not affect the corrosion preventive effect.

*The figure shows that a steel plant uses a VCI(Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) film to package the export seawater reinforcement.





TIME : 2019-09-30